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Infinite Lift Chairs

Infinite Position Lift Chair - FREE Shipping - - Low Price GuaranteeInfinite Position - Adjusts from a seated position to a fully reclined or flat position.  Unlike 2 or 3 position chairs which only have one motor, Infinite Lift Chairs have two motors, one to adjust the back and one to adjust the footrest.  Both motors are independent of one another so that gives the user "infinite" positions with which to relax.  Two additional features of an Infinite Lift Chair are that the user can adjust it so that their feet are higher than their heart (Trendelenburg) and they could also make it completely flat for sleeping.  Click here to see the Pride Lift Chair Position Guide.   

Trendelenburg Position Lift Chair - - FREE Shipping - Low Price GuaranteeTrendelenburg Position - feet higher than your head for increased comfort and relaxation.

Zero Gravity Lift Chair PositionZero Gravity Position - Thighs and lower legs are higher than your torso.